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Henbury Sedgwick 1900 Whisky Tan Belt - Brass or Nickel Buckle

Henbury Sedgwick 1900 Whisky Tan Belt - Brass or Nickel Buckle

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A hand made, vegetable tanned leather belt. This saddlery leather is a supple, sturdy and comfortable ¼” thickness.

The front face is a fine, deep satin finish with hand tooled edging and lining. The dye runs through to the rear face of the belt wich has a natural finish. Comes with 7 holes and a 3” English Point belt end.

The edges are hand creased and burnished.

The Bristol buckle is hand cast, polished and constructed. The brass deep lustre will keep for a lifetime. The bright nickel finish is hand plated in the foundry to a deep hard wearing thickness.

Each buckle is hand stitched in a double lengthwise run ensuring the leather will never split along the stitching. There are double loops in the same leather forming a secure hold on the strap.

Available in 1 ½” and 1 ¼” widths.

The belt is also available in deep Midnight Black.

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Apron 100% Cotton Denim

Strap Vegetable Dyed English Leather or Cotton

Rivets Copper

Buckles English Brass

Care Instructions

Wash Cold or 30 Degrees C on Hand Wash Cycle

Always Remove Leather Straps

Do Not Spin

Do Not Tumble Dry

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