What is Selvedge Denim & How to Care for Selvedge Denim

Our selvedge denim has to make a strong, supple apron that will look good, wear well and be comfortable. We use premium selvedge raw denim in 10.5 oz weight that gives a great fall. The selvedge runs either side of our wide apron giving it a unique look.

As with traditional selvedge the weft-face (the back) is a contrasting grey which will give a great fade.

Traditionally Selvedge, ‘Self edged’ denim, is woven on narrow looms. To prevent fraying the edge of the cloth is woven with a specific pattern and colour. This is used to highlight the edge seams. The looms used are more inefficient but produce a denser more consistent denim. This best quality denim is therefore the most expensive.

As selvedge denim is the most expensive it is a good idea to give it special care. A lot of denim afficionados advise not to wash selvedge but to steam it on a hanger (to kill bacteria) or gently spot clean stains. However if they do need washing the most common advice is as follows.

Wash cold or at 30 Degrees Centigrade on the “Handwash” setting of your washing machine.

Never ever use the spin cycle. Raw denim of any type must never be spun dry as it leaves creases. Do not wring dry for the same reason.

Drip dry and light iron.