Why Our Selvedge Denim Aprons Are So Good

We’ve just launched our latest hand made in England products. We use cloth from Europe, leather from England with brass and copper fittings from the UK.


We have gone to a lot of trouble to keep sourcing our materials and artisan craftmanship within the British Isles. This was our initial intention, and it has strengthened over the past few years. It’s difficult to make things in the UK. Costs are high and skills are rare so even the raw materials such as denim are scarce. Luckily, we have found (very) local makers of our denim clothing, leather and even cast brass fittings. These are truly hand made in England.


slevedge denim april full length


We asked the experts about what makes a great apron; those people who work in them. Our chefs, waiters and mixologists all gave their valuable input for an ‘all-rounder’ that looks and works as good in the kitchen, on the floor and behind the BBQ.

We opted for a classic style apron with a large split front pocket, breast pocket and towel loop on the waist. There are three neck strap options. Saddlery leather, adjustable and fixed length cotton straps. We brought this together with hand beaten copper rivets and our classic jeans labelling.







slvedge denim apron hand made in england the best craftmanship

Our Denim

Our mission is to make a strong, supple apron that will look good, wear well and be comfortable. We use premium selvedge raw denim in 10.5 oz weight that gives a great fall. The selvedge runs either side of our wide apron giving it a unique look.

As with traditional selvedge the weft-face (the back) is a contrasting grey which will give a great fade.

Traditionally Selvedge, ‘Self edged’ denim, is woven on narrow looms. To prevent fraying the edge of the cloth is woven with a specific pattern and colour. This is used to highlight the edge seams. The looms used are more inefficient but produce a denser more consistent denim. This best quality denim is therefore the most expensive.





selvedge denim apron copper rivets leather strap

The Build

Our aprons are hand made by our Cheshire seamstress. The large, split pocket front pocket and breast pocket are double stitched for longevity, then hand riveted for strength. Each solid copper rivet is hand cut and beaten, not just fed into a machine. This makes every piece properly unique.

The straps are double stitched for extra strength.









hand made apron delvedge denim superior quality


An apron has to withstand constant use or long-term storage between use, usually hanging. Ours are a tool that can be used and used, which just keeps getting better with fade. Our double stitching has to give strength, so we use the highest quality core spun sewing thread. This is a single core of polyester thread surrounded by dual cotton threads wrapped around it to give weight and durability.









superior english made selvedge denim apron rivet detail



The key stress areas need to be strong, and why not look good too? Our solid copper rivets are hand cut and beaten to give a textured, peened finish that is in every way unique. They are not just fed into a machine. They are properly hand made.










english made selvedge denim apron cotton strapping



An apron needs to stay put, comfortably. Our superior pure cotton straps are woven in England to a herringbone pattern in a heavier gauge than is common, so the straps keep tied and keep flat.

The waist straps are long enough to tie around the front in the long form or can be tied at the back in short form.

The leather strap version is made from English vegetable tanned saddlery leather with brass fittings from our family-owned Midlands foundry. The leather is died through and is sturdy enough to keep its shape, whilst supple enough to be comfortable all day. It is removable with 4 brass Chicago screws for washing. The screws incorporate leather washers to protect the denim.





selvedge denim apron saddlery leather strap brass fittings


Any work tool must have the best fittings and we have found the very best. The copper rivets, brass and nickel fittings all come from a family-owned foundry in the Walsall, established in 1832, who are Royal Warrant holders By Appointment to the Queen. They buckles are hand cast and finished guaranteeing strength and another element of uniqueness.