How to Measure for a Belt

How to Measure for Your Meccanica Belt
Look around and you will find many ways to measure which length of belt you need. The following ways are about the most accurate. We provide 7 holes and our belts are measured to the middle hole.
Method 1.
Take one of your own belts and put it through whichever type of jeans or trousers youll be wearing it with and note the hole you have used to fastened it through.
Lie it flat, then measure from the hole you noted to the inside of the leading edge of the buckle. See the diagram below. This would be a 36" belt. If you think your belt may have stretched add ½ an inch.
This gives the correct measurement for us regardless of the length of the buckle.
Method 2.
Check the waist size of what you will be wearing and add 2” to this.
We recommend cross checking with both methods as waistband lengths are not always consistent.
Add it as a note to your order so we can cross check it.