About Bolenium - Our Jeans Brand


We have rediscovered the ‘Bolenium’ brand of retro-inspired, British designed and made clothing and accessories.

'Bolenium' was the brand name of industrial clothing manufactured by W. A. Smith & Co. from 1915 to 1995. Smith and Co. made tough jeans and workwear - overalls, boiler suits, bib and braces, jackets and trousers and more.

 Their reputation was gained by making industrial work overalls of high quality - anything labelled 'Bolenium' was guaranteed. Their Bolenium Super Overalls were famously hard wearing.

The name comes from the original company base in a Tudor house called the Bolen or Boleyn Castle in the East End of London – therefore the name of the brand - Bolenium.

For some years from the 1950s until the 1970s Bolenium was famous for being the driving over-all of choice for 50’s racers such as Sir Stirling Moss Jackie Stewart and James Hunt; even Sir Winston Churchill wore Bolenium.

Our triple stitched denim is based on the Bolenium ‘Rockies’ Jeans with a unique Triple Sewn Seam.

Smith & Co have inspired us to produce tough, high quality, British made denim jeans and accessories which are built to last, such as our new hand riveted caps and hand sewn aprons.

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