Caring For Selvedge Denim Aprons

How to care for your Selvedge Denim Apron



Your apron has been made in Cheshire, England by an expert seamtstress. The leather straps are made from vegitable tanned saddlery straps hand cut and stitched in Northumberland. The hand beaten rivets are finished in Alderley Edge. The raw Selvedge Denim is from Europe. The badge is hand stamped.


To care for the denim please only wash when necessary to keep the look and feel as long as possible. If you do wash, please unscrew both leather straps and wash cold or at 30 Degrees C on the “Handwash” setting of your washing machine. Do Not Spin! Raw denim of any type must never be spun dry as it leaves creases. Do not wring dry for the same reasons. Drip dry and light iron.


To unscrew the straps, simply grasp the back of each screw and using a blunt screwdriver or similar just unscrew the 4 screws as in the photo. Take all of the screw parts and keep them safe. If the back of the screw remains in it’s grommet, put the front of the screw back on firmly so that nothing comes loose in the wash.

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